"...so how much does it cost?"


Each project is unique; therefore, each translation request is individually reviewed and analyzed. In order to avoid delays in your project planning, you will usually receive a quotation tailored to your translation request within a few hours of sending me your inquiry. Please note that a meaningful quotation is contingent on the prior provision of all relevant documents/content.
After sending me your source documents, you will receive a binding offer. The net price listed there is based on a thorough analysis of the source text. Factors such as the type of text, the source format, special requirement (e.g. “rush job”), additional tasks (e.g. text conversion) etc. are taken into account.


Benefit from Translation Tech in Multiple Ways


After receiving your translation request, I analyze your source text with a CAT tool (Computer-Aided Translation) to precisely determine the amount of work involved. CAT software programs provide a clearly structured working environment that facilitates all tasks associated with translation and editing. This is also reflected in the superior quality of the final product. In addition, this technology is used to determine the effective number of words in a project quickly and accurately. Redundancies and existing translations from previous projects are identified and considered when determining the final price. This directly translates into cost savings for you!
The CAT tool further allows me to link my own databases and word lists or any glossaries or terminology lists provided by you with the CAT environment, thus ensuring a highly consistent and technically correct translation. Nowadays, the Internet is another important tool for translation, as it enables fast and comprehensive research in almost any field of knowledge.
The careful and precise localization of your texts is based on this database. In doing so, I am of course always anxious to create authentic texts that are not recognizable as translations. Rather, the choice of words and style of the translated documents is geared to the reading habits and requirements of the respective target group.

Machine translation has truly become “a thing” in the translation industry. Read on to learn more about how I employ this technology and how you stand to benefit.
New Service MT+ (machine translation + post-editing)
Advanced AI systems are changing our daily lives faster than ever before. MT engines have become a powerful and serious tool in the field of translation.
I am therefore offering a new translation service called “MT+”, which combines the handcraft of translation with modern technology. “MT+” is short for “Machine Translation Plus”: machine translation PLUS manual editing, manual checking and manual polishing.
I employ a leading MT tool and revise the pre-translated texts drawing on my 20 years of experience in the translation industry. The end result is a polished text that is indistinguishable from a manual translation. However, there is one thing that differs substantially: the price!
Translations based on "MT+" are significantly more cost-effective than a purely manual translation.
You benefit from an advanced translation process in which I, as a specialist translator, ensure that all content is transferred correctly and elegantly from the source text into the target language. I reliably correct mistranslations, omissions and linguistic aberrations that even the best MT tools can’t avoid – while you can focus on your core business while at the same time significantly reducing the strain on your translation budget.
Asking is for free!  I look forward to receiving your translation inquiry.




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