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Wörterbuch-Definition Übersetzung / Translation
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"Language is the art of getting your message across."


Welcome to the Words-in-MoXion Freelance Translation Service!



Words-in-MoXion offers you professional and reliable services in the fields of translation, editing and proofreading. Below you will find a list of my main areas of expertise. In addition, I am familiar with a range of other fields, so just ask!


Please also take a look at the other sub-pages, which highlight important aspects of translation and explain the project workflow from the initial quotation through to delivery.




Setting your words into motion for you!

Core Areas of Expertise

Zahnräder / Technik


Tenders, operating instructions, brochures, specifications and other types of texts for the technical/industrial sector including automation, production and connection technology.

Kugel aus Nullen und Einsen / IT


All types of texts relating to software, hardware and IT systems – whether for administrators, users or decision-makers.

Megaphon / Werbung und Marketing

Marketing & Communication

Internal communications, customer letters, presentations, press releases, product brochures, website content etc. for companies in any industry – with a focus on providers of B2B solutions for e-business, document/access management, digital workflows, GRC and data migration.

Pac-Man-Figur mit Propellermütze / Spiele

Games / Creative Content

Card games, board games and computer games, in particular fantasy RPGs and strategy games; translation of storyboards, in-game dialogs and screenplays.

Help / Hilfe-Taste

You hit a language barrier?  Don't panic!  I'm here to help you out. Simply push the button.